Time-Cap Labs Inc., a state-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory, is dedicated to maintaining stringent quality. For you, it means the confidence in knowing that your products are manufactured to the industry's strictest guidelines.
During manufacturing, each process is monitored by our knowledgeable staff and chief chemist. Overall lab operations are under the direct supervision and control of our experienced laboratory director. The lab employs the most technologically advanced equipment – such as off hours auto sampling and analysis, HPLC analysis, disintegration and dissolution apparatus, UV spectrophotometers, stability and vacuum chambers and other sophisticated analytical equipment.
The entire Time-Cap Labs facility is environmentally controlled and compartmentalized where feasible. Each room has an exclusive function and is non-intrusive. Inspectors and visitors from the corridor through vision glass panels without interrupting production can view manufacturing operations.
  our capabilities include:
Meticulous monitoring of each stage of production by our chief chemist, ensuring the finest pharmaceutical quality
All raw materials, in-process batches and finished products are manufactured to exact customer's specifications
Every aspect of our lab operations is under the direct control of our highly experienced lab director
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